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Fan Fried Rice Bar introduces space 172 with Taiwanese art exhibition

172, formerly a NYC loft style 3-bedroom apartment, now the private dining room of Fan Fried Rice Bar’s Williamsburg location. The new space will be showing Taiwanese artist Chen Chiao You’s modern take on the illustrations and artwork from the classic Taiwan Farmer’s Almanacs of poisonous food combinations.

“We are honored to work with Chiao You on this project. Our goal with Fan Fried Rice Bar is not only to introduce Taiwanese food to New York, but also to showcase the different aspects of food and culture in Taiwan,” says restaurateur Paul Chen. “His modern twist on the illustration felt like the perfect fit to open our new space 172.”

172 will after this opening exhibit turn into a private dining room, it will be reservations only and will be serving a brunch menu on weekends.

About Taiwan Farmer’s Almanacs of poisonous food combinations

The illustrations teach the public in a visual way what food combination causes poisoning and what the antidote is. It is said that they appeared as early as the Japanese rule period in Taiwan in the late 19th century. The illustrations and its advice are believed to be based on superstition and misinformation, most likely caused by improper cooking and preservations methods. The illustrations have for a long time had a feel of retro and nostalgia in the minds of the citizens of Taiwan.

About Chen Chiao You

Chen is a multimedia designer, font education leader and curator from Taiwan. He currently works for justfont, a font company in Taipei. He has won the Golden Pin Design Award and the IDA - International Design Award. View portfolio here:


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