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Fan Fried Rice Bar is a Taiwanese restaurant serving New York with rice wok’d to perfection since 2018. Established by Paul Chen in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and relocated to Williamsburg in 2022. Paul started his career in fashion and beauty before venturing on this cooking adventure and is passionate about bringing all things Taiwanese to New York.

In Taiwan, fried rice specialty shops are abundant—it’s an integral part of every person’s childhood. “Whenever I visited my grandmother, she’d always cook the most delicious fried rice. I want to share that comforting experience with our guests.”



Looking at the menu gives customers a glimpse into Paul’s upbringing, drawing influence from the streets of Taiwan and the avenues of New York. The appetizer section reads like a stroll through the Taiwanese night markets, with starters like Taiwanese sausage, popcorn chicken, and cold noodle salad. The fried rice entrees are not your typical Chinese takeout fried rice. We not only serve the classics like pork chop and mushroom fried rice, but the specialty section is also where the magic happens, bringing NYC flavors like pastrami and gyro to the mix.


Originally planning to launch a folding fan-focused fashion accessory brand, Paul got as far as the logo design when he realized the desire to bring the authentic taste of Taiwan to NYC was all he could think about. So instead, he took the name and the logo and decided to enter the restaurant business. After all, “Fan” is based on the pronunciation of “rice” in Mandarin 飯.

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740 Driggs Ave, Bk - A1 #B00647467 - Amend 1 Approved plan _  final.jpg


Fan Fried Rice Bar consists of two different spaces. Enter on the Driggs Avenue side to reach the front bar; a walk-in establishment with high ceilings and 20 high table/bar seats. Here you can indulge and enjoy casual chatter with vintage Taiwanese films running in the background. Enter on the South 2nd Street side, you’ll be greeted by our reservation-only dining room—make sure fried rice is in your party’s future on ResyThe back room has seating arrangements for parties sized two to eight, it's the perfect spot to dine out with a group. Have a larger party? The back room seats more than 20 guests and is available for large and/or private parties so just give us a shout. We also have outdoor seating when weather permits; please bring your pets!

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